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We can’t wait to share the products, resources, and inspirational social media spots that we have grown to love in our sailing evolution. Especially as new sailors we are always looking for things that can enhance our experience and partners that can help us achieve our sailing dreams. This list will continue to grow, so we hope you come back often. And please share your favorites with us! We are always open to expanding our knowledge of the great products and people in the sailing world.

Stuff: This is everything from rain gear to bug repellent. All items we use and endorse. One day we may include affiliate links or even shopping, but for now, just browse around and if you are interested in learning more, click on the pictures provided.

Social: Arguably my favorite! I semi-stalk a number of sailors and their sites on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I learn a lot from these folks and get tons of inspiration for my own journeys. If you are in this space, please reach out. We’d love to get to know you too!

Services: Charter companies we love, Sailing Schools we love…that sort of thing. We’ll definitely only recommend those companies we can personally endorse, so it is a short list for now. And we won’t share ones that didn’t make the cut for us…like the company we used in BC that handed us a filthy boat (among other things). Nope, we’re not going to point you in that direction.