In late October we traveled to Thailand for a sailing adventure and to celebrate my 50th birthday. As we set out heading North for our first night, with the iconic limestone cliffs rising up from the almost surreal green-blue water, we knew we were somewhere special.

The islands off the coast of Phuket are even more breathtaking than you would expect, and spending time on a sailboat here offers up an enchanting glimpse of the wonderful Thai island culture, beautiful beaches and coves, exceptional food, perfect sunsets, and all of that mesmerizing aquamarine water.

Our trip fell right between the Southwest and Northeast Seasons, so we had a couple of days where we had a bit of rain, and when it rains in Thailand it rains HARD. Mostly, though, we enjoyed an abundance of sunshine if not sailing friendly winds. Fortunately, the day-time excursions and snorkeling adventures were enough to keep us entertained.

If you are looking for a sailing spot that is like no other, offering friendly conditions for those relatively new to sailing, put this magical place on your bucket list right away and be sure to plan a long trip so you can take advantage of all that the land of smiles has to offer.