A wine and culinary sailing vacation navigating the cerulean blue water just off the coast of Sicily and exploring the volcano-crafted (actually crafting as some are still quite active) Aeolian Islands. What could possibly top that?

For almost a year we eagerly anticipated our flotilla sailing trip to this place far away from anywhere we had sailed before. It was stunning. The blue water and blue silhouettes of the islands would frequently fade to the same color of fog grey, making the horizon impossible to discern except for the occasional sailboat. Breathtaking.

The sailing, the mid-day stops to caves and other wonders, the old towns and villages where we moored or anchored, and of course gems of Sicilian wine we found along the way exceeded our expectations.

But back to the question. What could possibly top that?

Easy answer. The people.

Sailing with our dear friends and getting to know and spend time with our flotilla mates from Scotland, Germany, France, and even Colorado Springs was the highlight of the trip. And our Flotilla hosts Maritizio and Roberto from Sail Italia were simply outstanding.

We’ll sail in Sicily again and Procida* before that. But most of all – whether down the road in Colorado Springs or on a Flotilla halfway around the world – we hope our paths will cross with our new sailing friends.


*Pronounced Pro-chee-da, with an emphasis on the Pro, according to Roberto, who tried without success to help me say it correctly. Don’t worry Roberto, I’ll have it down by the time I come back!