We have a policy here at escapeundersail: If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing. Got that one from my mom. So, for example, you won’t hear us bashing the company who we chartered from in British Columbia, but we aren’t going to steer you in their direction either. Negativity just isn’t our jam. That said, if we DO have something nice to say, we are inclined to shout it from the rooftops!

When we have a good experience and find a service provider we love, we will include them here, and no one shows up on this page without a first-hand endorsement from us!

Feel free to contact us directly with questions about our experiences as we are always happy to share more.

American Sailing Association (ASA)

The American Sailing Association (ASA) should arguably be in all three of our What We Love sections: Social, Stuff, and Services. The resources they provide sailors of all capability levels are excellent, and as members of the ASA, my husband and I have relied on them for certification, learning tools, and their extensive insight into all things sailing. In short, we love them! We earned our ASA 101,103, and 104 certifications when we initially learned to sail and have since completed our ASA 114 certification. On deck for next year? ASA 118 Docking Endorsement and ASA 105 and 106. The ASA instructors and supported sailing schools are outstanding  and we truly cannot recommend this organization more highly! Their website, asa.com, is excellent and they are also on Facebook and Instagram. For all new sailors they are a must-follow!


We were so impressed with our Navtours charter experience in the Bahamas that we are considering scrapping our original summer plans and going to Rhode Island to sail with them state-side. What did we love? Where to begin…Everyone on the Navtours team that we encountered was friendly, helpful, and professional.  Communication prior to our arrival was excellent, their document outlining specific areas to visit was terrific, we loved being able to hang out at the Palm Cay Resort with our welcome drinks before our official check in, the free cruiser bikes were great, and the check-in/check-out/chart briefing were all exactly what you’d hope for.  Finally, the boat was in excellent condition and was clean, something we can’t say about all of the charters we’ve experienced. We strongly recommend Navtours for a Bahamas charter and don’t be surprised if you see us at their other locations in the future! https://Navtours.com.


When I say I knew nothing about websites or blogs before I started this project, that probably would be an understatement. Somehow, the good karma I’ve been building up for the past 50 years led me to choose a great WordPress theme created by this talented group in Nepal. When I needed some modifications they offered to help me put together a site that more closely matched my vision. Their fixed rate was great and their customer service was outstanding. They were incredibly patient with me and not only built the foundation for my site, they helped coach and train me, even creating a custom video to help answer some of my newbie questions. I have nothing but love for this company! You can find them on Instagram at @themebeez  and of course can learn the most at their website https://themebeez.com/. Thanks guys! Working with you was such a great experience.


I know it probably seems like we are being paid thousands of dollars by Boataffair to talk about them because it seems like all we do is talk about them. I’ll set the record straight. We aren’t, we just love this concept and this website THAT MUCH. Allowing boat owners to rent or swap their boats to qualified sailors is brilliant, and it opens up a world of sailing opportunities – often at a much lower rate – to people like us who want to sail in as many places as we possibly can. Brazil? Belgium? Cartegena? Yes please!  And I am not kidding when I say this service has inspired Charles and I to consider buying our boat sooner than we’d originally planned. Check them out, but be warned, it is addicting…https://boataffair.com, @boataffair.

k.cole photography

Kacey Cole’s photography work in the fitness space is legendary. She is flat-out amazing. Trust me, go to her website (http://www.kaceycole.com/) and be prepared to be impressed. You’ll probably also want to put down that cupcake. Fortunately for me, she also is moving into the social media and branding space and worked with us to capture our awesome cover image in addition to others that I absolutely love. I am just pinching myself that we got to work with Kacey on this project. Her work is pure art, her approach is as professional as it comes, and she is a gem of a human.