San Francisco wasn’t really on our radar as a near-term sailing destination, but when Modern Sailing School out of Sausalito had two spots available in their January ASA 114 Catamaran Cruising Certification class, we jumped on it. Easy to get to for the weekend from Denver and who doesn’t love big, beautiful San Francisco? It was an easy choice.

After being there for the weekend, it is also an easy choice for us to go back.  I don’t think we expected to love it as much as we did, and at least a little of our sailing heart was left in San Francisco after this too quick trip.  As you sail out of the marina where the sailing school is located you see the gigantic, lovely cityscape ahead, with Alcatraz on the left and the Golden Gate bridge to the right. Plus, our awesome instructor and crew mates told us that renting a boat for the weekend is a great idea as there are several spots to anchor or catch mooring balls that will have you watching the sunset over these iconic views after a day of great wind and sailing.

We can’t wait to go back and sail with our new friends!