Ready to plan your next (or first!) Sailcation? SailSearch is here to help match you with the sailing service providers who can make your dream of sailing in incredible places around the world a reality. Search as many times as you like to narrow your list and use the scroll bar at the bottom of your list to find the websites of the companies that meet your criteria.

Where do you want to sail?
Choose one of the drop-down lists below if you know where you would like to go. Region will give you the most options, and City/Location is the most specific if you know exactly where you want to sail.
Who would you like to sail with?
You can choose to connect with charter companies that maintain their own fleets or with a broker who can provide help working with many companies and locations. The Peer-to-Peer option offers experienced sailors the chance to rent boats from other boat owners. Know the company you want to sail with? Great! Use the drop-down list and select by Company Name.
What boat type do you prefer?
Monohull or Catamaran, you choose! Leave unchecked if you don’t have a preference.
How do you want to sail?
If you have your sailing certification and want to skipper your own boat, just check the “Without a Captain” box. Don’t know how to sail? No problem! You can hire a Captain to safely sail you and your crew. If you want even more luxury and a chef on board, check the box for “With Captain and Crew”, and if you love meeting new people, check out the “By-the-Cabin” option which is growing in popularity with more and more companies offering this feature for adventurous travelers.
What else are you looking for?
Interested in Flotilla sailing? Want to find a company that can offer sailing lessons? Check the applicable boxes below to narrow your search.
When would you like to sail?
If When is more important than Where check the boxes for the months that are an ideal fit for your schedule.

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