When we first started sailing on our own – certification in hand – I was astounded by how much I didn’t know.  Ok, that isn’t quite true. I remembered learning it and had a pretty good feel for what needed to happen, but I couldn’t quite pull up the execution details in my too-full brain. It went something like this:  “I know *where* the anchor is and that we need to let out the proper amount of rode then make sure it is set, but *how* again do I do that?”  That sort of thing.

Most of the time – and this still happens – all I need is a refresher; to be pointed in the right direction. Just a simple outline of exactly what to do in specific cases followed by the chance to get my reps in.

Sail Savvy is intended to be that growing resource in a long-form blog and short form how-to format. We absolutely do not claim to be experts, so where expertise is required we’ll lean on more seasoned sailors and research to guide you in the right direction. Our hope is to gather the information you need to make it easy to reference as you head out on your own.

Send along any comments or questions as you go, and we’ll do our best to help you get the information you need.