noun: lat·i·tude  \ ˈla-tə-ˌtüd , -ˌtyüd \

4) Freedom of action or choice

Last on the definition list provided by our trusty friend Merriam Webster, but my favorite by far. Sure there’s the more notable and perhaps nautical definition: the angular distance north or south from the earth’s equator measured through 90 degrees. But like sailing itself, the heart of this definition is in the experience, not the exact measure of execution.

Sailing is all about freedom.

Living your best life demands exploration beyond the edges of what other people expect. Fight hard to find your own joy and your own path, whatever that may look like and wherever you may find it. That’s what this blog set – latitude – is all about. You’ll find details and enticing photos surrounding the ‘how’ and the ‘where’ throughout this web|blog project…but this section is my favorite. Latitude is about the experience of it all: the triumphs, failures, motivations, considerations, and everything in between.

This is section is the why.