Background Fact #1: Twenty-seven long years ago I graduated number one in my class at The University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism with a degree in Magazine Journalism (read: Type-A, goody-two-shoes). I was a writer; that was my thing.

Because my thing was also being a huge scholastically-inclined nerd, I graduated with an MBA from the Terry College of business the following year with an emphasis in marketing, took a job with Gannett on the business side of publishing, wound my way around newspaper-land for a few years, found myself at a database marketing consulting firm specializing in newspapers, started a consulting company with my bestie, and became a database marketing guru and analyst for the next 20 years.

Background Fact #2: Seven years ago I was cajoled – against my better judgment – into going to sailing school with my then-boyfriend Charles. I did not want to go. At all. I am dreadfully incompetent at sorting out anything requiring mechanical aptitude and, if I am honest, steering. But there was another girl aggressively pursuing Charles who had already tried to sign up in my place, so what choice did I have? I begrudgingly went and wound up loving it. Being able to charter our own sailboats and visit the most incredible spots on the planet changed everything about the way we began to travel. It changed everything about how we consider our future.

Background Fact #3: Three-ish years ago I landed smack dab in corporate America after our fun little company was essentially acquired by one of our biggest customers. As of this moment, during the hours of 8 to 5, I toil away doing analytical, numbery, databasey type things for a big company.

Background Fact #4: While I loved being an entrepreneur, I don’t so much love the corporate rat race.

Background Fact #5: From the moment we got our sailing certifications, Charles and I launched a semi-organized and high-pressure effort to recruit everyone we know to learn to sail, and we have been able to do so with moderate success. To those of you who listened, you are welcome.

This web|blog project – – is simply a more elaborate manifestation of our strong-arming techniques. We aim to showcase how learning to sail can enrich your life. It is a space to provide destination insight and how-to advice while also contemplating the heart and soul of the experience.  We also hope to connect those who are new to sailing with the gear, experts, sailors, and service providers that can help them build their sailing competence and confidence.

The site is brand new, so while there is a bit of content available, bear with us. It will grow over time as the blog blogs along.  I’d say check out The Plan so you can get a feel for where we are headed with all of this. There are also some pretty pictures in the gallery sections under most destinations to get you started. Check those out for maximum lure to the sail side. After all, this whole project is a ploy to get you to learn to sail, or if you already do, to sail more and to places you have never been to before. It is fashioned to keep you up at night wondering why I am on a boat and you are not on a boat.

We want to give you something to think about that could change your life. We want you to ask yourself “How do I learn how to sail?” We want to help you answer that question.

Background Fact #6: I still think of myself as a writer. In the end, that may be the real reason for all of this.

That, and the fact that you need to learn to sail.

Bon voyage!