Greece has always been on my bucket list. Long before sailing was even on my radar I dreamed of the white buildings with blue trim, the crystal clear water, and the endless culinary treats.

Last year we finally had every detail planned for a sailing trip with friends, only to have that adventure (and all others) derailed by the pandemic. By the time our July 2021 trip to the Caribbean was postponed for a fourth time, we chalked it up to our new normal. But when a window of opportunity opened for us to go to Greece, and the flights and 40% off sailing discount aligned, we went for it. We headed for the lesser-known sailing area of the Dodecanese which begins in the lovely island of Kos just across from the coastline of Turkey.

It was our first trip sailing in Greece and our first journey sailing as a twosome in the Mediterranean. It was also our first time using an anchor in the Med Mooring process, something I had needlessly and continuously fretted about prior to the trip. It was our first time exploring the beauty of historically significant Patmos, the sponge divers of Vathis, the castle atop Pantelli, and the experience of the Meltemi winds.

It won’t be our last.

I’ll just go ahead and say it. This was my favorite sailing trip for so many reasons – the people, the places, the sailing, the scenery, the sunshine. After a particularly difficult year for us, this vacation could not have been more perfect. I imagine we’ll be heading back often, possibly exploring new areas as there are just so many Greek Islands to visit. No idea if those trips will be as perfect as this one, but I can’t wait to find out!