I have so much to say about sailing in Cuba, a place where the risk is as big as the reward.

Our maiden sailing trip to the area was nothing like what we thought it would be, but that’s ok. We loved it, and sometimes the unexpected is the very best part of the journey. That said, we have unfinished business as we never made it to the miles and miles of white sandy beaches, exceptional snorkeling, and endless teal blue water.  We will definitely be back on a bigger boat with more power and armed with all of the information we wish we’d had in the first place.

In Cuba, the people are incredible, the sailing is intense, the history is fascinating, and  with just a handful of charter boats sailing the Southern coast, the places you visit sailing are all yours once you get there. A good thing or a daunting thing depending on what mother nature dishes out and your own sailing skill-set.

Blogs and blogs and blogs are on deck showcasing not only what you should know – make that must know – before sailing there, but also the country and people. The complex and, all things considered, relatively recent history that makes Cuba’s unfolding story a cautionary tale.