The Dalmatian Islands sprinkling the coast of Croatia should be on every new sailor’s near-term bucket list. Friendly sailing conditions escort you between an abundance of charming old-world islands, each with its own distinct character and appeal. Options abound: Anchoring near beautiful beaches in crystal clear water, mooring on the docks of postcard-perfect sailing villages, or diving into the nightlife of Hvar before taking the ferry back to your boat.

The sailing is well-suited to sailors of all levels, and once on land the unforgettable experiences continue. Opportunities to explore the islands via biking, hiking or scootering will introduce you to unexpectedly good wineries and beautiful vistas along the way.

Bonus? A Croatia sailing trip is extremely easy on your wallet, and for a budget-friendly sailing excursion, nothing beats it. Extra bonus? The Croatian locals are absolutely lovely! You will leave wanting to immediately return.