Coming Soon

This November we are launching SailSearch, a searchable database resource that will put

Sharing sailing tips and destination insight with new, future, and veteran sailors is exactly what I hoped to accomplish with this web|blog project when we got started a year ago. We now have more than 30 blog posts and an ocean of trial-and-error web development knowledge under our belt. More to come!

We also have something new and exciting on the horizon and here is a sneak peek…

Background first. I love to write, I am a writer. But I have spent my career in database marketing, building and designing databases, working with data, and basically being a bit of a nerd. All good. As I have entered the sailing space and tried to answer questions for myself like… “who offers a catamaran sailing course the first week of February” or “if I want to sail in Panama, who would I call?”…I realized that exhaustive Google searching was my only option. It just isn’t in one place.

We are working to put it in one place. Why? Because the whole goal of Escape Under Sail is to connect people who want to sail with the companies and service providers that want to help them.

So, stay tuned! I’ve got a smart team helping me put this together and we hope to have some basic capability published in the Fall. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our progress! If you are a service provider and want to be included in our searchable databases, please reach out. We would love to hear from you! Email me directly at