Our first trip to British Columbia was a scouting mission. We only had the boat for three days and were curious if spending our precious future sailing time off the coast of Vancouver was worth it. Would we even want to come back for a longer trip or would it be better to just head for the warmer waters we’d grown accustomed to?

As we left the sight of Vancouver in the far distance and rounded past the Point Atkinson Lighthouse toward our destination at Mannion Bay, we were immediately awestruck at the layers of blue mountains silhouetted against the bluest sky and hugging an even bluer ocean.  At that moment we knew we would be back.

By our third night in the Union Steamship Marina, after having met many of the friendliest locals we’ve ever encountered and taken our 100th picture from the deck of our boat because it was just that beautiful, we were certain we would not only be back, but that this would be a place of many future long voyages.

Three incredible days with excellent wind and dead calm nights left us in love with sailing in British Columbia. It is big, blue, and breathtaking. If you sail, you must put this on your list. If you don’t sail, learn to sail. Then, after you have a few initial sails under your belt, head to the Northwest. It is nothing short of spectacular.