There are 700 islands and more than three times that number of coral reef cays in the Bahamas stretching from off the coast of Florida and almost to Haiti. It wouldn’t be possible to see it all in a single sailing excursion or even years of charter trips.

Looks like we are going to need to go back. In fact, after falling in love with this beautiful place with its perfect wind and water on our first and too-short charter, we are pretty sure it is going to be an annual event for us to return and explore new islands every time.

The Bahamas are a simply stunning sailing destination. The shallow waters are best suited for a catamaran and the distance from the marinas to the islands warrants at least a week, two weeks would be better, and just staying and exploring full time would be ideal. I can’t imagine it would ever get old, but I am willing to put that challenge on my list for the future.