what to know about the Bahamas’ Allens Cay: aka my shark blog

I expected to feed lettuce to the Iguanas on the beach at Leaf Cay. I did not expect a shark to sneak up right behind me.

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“cay” is pronounced “key”: just trust me on this

I doesn't follow any conventional logic. The word "cay" when referring to a low flat island or reef is pronounced "key". You are welcome.

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Bahamas Gallery

Images for sailing in the Bahamas

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wanna sail the world? start your own Boataffair

We tried Boataffair's matchmaking service for boat renters and boat owners for the first time last week. A match was made. We are in love. Here's why...

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catamarans are giant floating shopping carts

Ok, ok. Not exactly the same. But steering catamarans under power IS a lot like pushing a shopping cart, which I found refreshing.

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Croatia Captain’s Log

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hold on: how to anchor a sailboat step-by-step

Here are the questions you need to answer, the calculations you need to perform, and the step-by-step process that will help you anchor like a pro.

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exploring Jelsa Croatia: the search for Casanova

Sailing to Jelsa Croatia is beautiful, one of our favorite places to explore, enjoy wine tasting at Vina Tomic, and indulge in delicious local cuisine.

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San Francisco Gallery

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