sailing to and loving Sicily’s Isla Vulcano

Isla Vulcano is where the term "volcano" comes from. That alone makes it worth a stop! But there was so much more. It was our favorite stop. Here's why...

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The what, where, and how of sailing the Aeolian Islands

The seven Aeolian Islands Northeast of Sicily are a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and a perfect place to sail.

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top 10 reasons you should sail in Sicily

You already know you want to sail in Sicily, you don't need to read a blog for that. But if you need extra motivation, here are the top ten things we loved about sailing the…

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Annapolis Sailboat Show: a few of my favorite things

If you haven't been to a major sailboat show, go! Here is a rundown of our favorite things from the 2019 Annapolis Sailboat Show.

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Sicily Gallery

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Women Who Inspire: Sailor and Author Tania Aebi

Tania Aebi was the first American woman and youngest person to accomplish a solo circumnavigation. The life lessons learned on that journey are priceless.

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before you set sail: the chart briefing

Use the chart briefing to learn about preferred anchorages, hazards, weather anomalies, and recommendations that will ensure a successful and safe adventure.

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