Quaker Smith Point – Video

Quaker Smith Point on Lake Champlain

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Lake Champlain Top Tip: Anchor at Quaker Smith Point, Visit Shelburne Farms

We got lucky and some long-time Lake Champlain sailors gave us the tip to anchor at Quaker Smith Point then go to Shelburne Farms. You should do it too.

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sailing close call: why weather matters matter

Mother Nature is in charge. Tips for understanding weather patterns and weather resources for the area you are sailing will keep you on her good side.

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top 10 reasons new sailors should consider Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is as accommodating as it is beautiful. A terrific sailing experience for sailors of all skill levels.

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the art of sailcation planning

Make the most of your hard-earned time off with a sailcation that pairs sailing in beautiful places with priceless on-land excursions.

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PAN-PAN: the fun-to-say middle child of radiotelephony protocol

PAN-PAN is the VHF radio signal for urgent, though not life-threatening situations. It is also fun to say, so go ahead and use it in off-the-water conversation!

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