Palymnos: a hidden gem

Even if you don't see it right away, lovely Palymnos is right where the map says it will be.

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Lessons from Lipsi

There are vicarious sailing lessons to be learned everywhere, and Lipsi on the day the meltemi winds blew through was a perfect classroom.

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The Second Impression of Patmos

Patmos doesn't necessarily put its best foot forward. That's ok. Stick around, you'll find everything you came for and more.

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Sailing to Perfect Pandeli Greece

Pandeli offers it all: Castles, windmills, stunning white and blue houses, seaside cafes, clear blue water, and (my favorite) mooring buoys with a helper!

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10 reasons you should sail from the Kos Marina

Here are ten reasons why Kos Marina is a great place to bookend your incredible sailing trip in the Dodecanese.

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Greece Gallery

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Vathis Greece: home of the brave

Sponge diving, rock climbing, and an inaugural mooring with an anchor. Brave? Sure. But the young man who stood up for himself? The bravest of them all.

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USA to Greece covid travel guidelines

Navigating Covid guidelines for travel from the USA to Greece and back is easy if you know the rules. As of July 2021, here's what you need to know!

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sailing is the perfect Father’s Day gift…plan now

Know an amazing dad? How about spending a memory-filled Father's Day on a sailboat? Here's how.

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let’s try this again…New Year’s Resolutions

My 2020 Resolutions fell a bit short. I'm optimistically giving it another shot.

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