the art of sailcation planning

Make the most of your hard-earned time off with a sailcation that pairs sailing in beautiful places with priceless on-land excursions.

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PAN-PAN: the fun-to-say middle child of radiotelephony protocol

PAN-PAN is the VHF radio signal for urgent, though not life-threatening situations. It is also fun to say, so go ahead and use it in off-the-water conversation!

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the wind in her sails: sailing opportunities for women abound

There have always been outstanding female sailors, now there are just more of them, and the sailing community is taking notice.

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why you should sail to Stomorska Croatia

Stomorska on the island of Solta makes a perfect first stop on your sailing charter out of the Agana Marina near Split. Biggest reason? The Kaštelanac winery.

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what I love most about sailing has nothing to do with sailing

Maybe it isn’t what you are doing but who you are with. We can all learn an important lesson from that little boat in the Agana Marina.

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and to all a good night: solid planning helps new sailors rest easy

Resources and recommendations for new sailors to make sure their nights on the water are as stress-free and safe as possible!

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what your daughter learns when she learns to sail

When you teach your daughter to sail, you are giving her a world of skills to help her navigate life on and off the water.

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deconstructing our perfect Bahamas sailing day

Perfect location, stellar plan, ideal wind and weather, and fish! What could be better? Getting to sail with my dad.

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what to know about the Bahamas’ Allens Cay: aka my shark blog

I expected to feed lettuce to the Iguanas on the beach at Leaf Cay. I did not expect a shark to sneak up right behind me.

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“cay” is pronounced “key”: just trust me on this

I doesn't follow any conventional logic. The word "cay" when referring to a low flat island or reef is pronounced "key". You are welcome.

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