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Ever think you'd like to give the world's most exhilarating yet relaxing hobby a whirl? Possibly loving it so much that you plot a course to skip out on the corporate grind and conquer the high seas on a more permanent basis?

We are head over heels for sailing and want you to love it too. The mission of our web|blog project is to connect new and future bareboat sailors with the resources, information, and motivation they need to competently and confidently sail beautiful destinations around the world. Join us!

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PAN-PAN: the fun-to-say middle child of radiotelephony protocol

PAN-PAN is the VHF radio signal for urgent, though not life-threatening situations. It is also fun to say, so go ahead and use it in off-the-water…

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live the life you’ve imagined

Thoreau knew what he was talking about and we aim to do just that. You should too. Our web|blog project was created to share the possibility that being on the water just might be the place to be, and we welcome you to this community with open arms! Our blogs express our love for sailing. Our favorite category is Latitude, which is about the experience, but Sail Savvy filled with tips and how-to advice definitely has its place. Blogs about Sailing Destinations are of course where you can learn about places you might love too, and Land(e)scape is exactly that: blogs about places that can’t be reached by boat. Our Photo Galleries and reviews of the social media, services, and stuff We Love round out this effort. Thank you so much for joining Us, and please visit again!

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