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Ever think you'd like to give the world's most exhilarating yet relaxing activity a whirl? Possibly loving it so much that you plot a course to sail in new and favorite destinations on a regular basis?

The mission of Escape Under Sail is to connect charter and bareboat sailors with the resources, information, service providers, and motivation they need to find out where and how to sail beautiful locations around the world. Don't know how to sail? That's ok. We can introduce you to the best charter companies, captains, and sailing schools available. Not sure where to begin? We've got that covered. Check out our blog posts and stay tuned for a special launch coming this Fall with everything you need to make sailing part of your life!

Stay in the loop with updates on current blog posts and the Fall launch of searchable resource pages with everything a charter sailor needs at their fingertips!

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Top 10 Reasons New Sailors Should Consider Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is a perfect spot for new sailors to practice their skills in a welcoming environment and wide-open spaces.

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